Helping her with homework before bed

Sophia: I don’t think that’s how to do that problem, Dad.
Me: Ok, do it yourself smarty pants.
Sophia: (shaking head) I already got ready for bed; you mean smarty pyjamas.

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I’m Back

I’ve tidied up my blog and hope to post more personal stuff here in the near future. My plan is to start a technical blog to separate work related topics from my other interests. WordPress has some new image handling features I wanted to test out too.


They get big fast, don’t they?

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Practical Notebook

Michael Bierut wrote a wonderful blog entry sharing his 26 years of practical notebook use. What’s so impressive is his consistent use of simple, inexpensive notebooks, his lack of rigid adherence to a methodology, and the randomness of his note taking – even including photographs and drawings made by his children.

notebook covers 1982-2008

notebook covers 1982-2008

This is such a refreshing inspiration, and a strong antidote to the time wasting, office supply fetishism that dominates most online productivity conversations. If I let go of the (silly) notion that each notebook/journal entry needs to be a work of art, I’m much more likely to actually use a notebook to get things done – maybe even something nice.


Beruit, Michael. “26 Years, 85 Notebooks.”

Wreck This Journal.

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Quick Kill

magazines on floor

As I started to collect all my “stuff,” in preparation for my GTD rehabilitation, I noticed that I’m hanging on to a lot of old magazines. Tons of old magazines. They all went into the recycling bin, save a few articles I clipped and filed. Amazing how much space that freed up in my small home office. Took only a few minutes too.

A quick kill. Makes me wonder how much real junk is cluttering up my life.

Zen Habits is a good place to start for de-cluttering and simplifying ideas.

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Fallen Off the GTD Wagon

full inbox

My inbox is overflowing. I’m making do at work, but in my personal life, I’ve fallen off of the Getting Things Done bandwagon. Our large suburban home is full of clutter. My website is stale. My personal development projects and writing are stagnant. I’m living in the middle of half a dozen incomplete home improvement projects, and I’m having trouble keeping up with which kid is doing what which night of the week. I’m always in a rush, reacting to things blowing up, rather than planning and being prepared.

In some sort of a not-getting-things-done addiction cycle, I skip one, and then another, weekly review. And, like junk mail, the stuff keeps piling up. By then it would take a big sweep to get started again, which I convince myself I can’t do until I tweak my GTD system some more. At which point I give up and waste my evenings mindlessly surfing the internet, watching youtube, avoiding the piles around me, and feeling depressed about all of the above.

This isn’t about feeling guilty for not worshiping at the alter of GTD, it’s about not accomplishing the things that matter in my life. So, over the next couple of weeks I’m going to crawl out of my self induced pile. I’m going to use a simple system, and force myself to change only what’s broken.

Less fiddling, more doing.

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